Jiangxi SenCen Hygienic Products Co., Ltd

Primarily founded in 1995, SenCen is a world class manufacturer of Pet Care,Personal Care and Home& Garden products, located in Jiangxi province of southern China. In 2010,"SC" brand of the company was rewarded Export Brand for Priority Cultivation and Development of Jiangxi Province in recognition of product excellence.Today, SenCen is a thriving company leading the way in product quality and innovation; successfully supplying millions of home & family care products around the world..

SenCen has a great corporate culture and exceeds industry standards in providing benefits to its employees, and has rich manufacturing experiences and advanced chemical experiment equipments for the international grand brands products such as Household, Pet Care and Home & Garden. 

With our focus concentrated on "customer satisfaction", we strive to supply the high quality products with quickest lead-time from sourcing to delivering. We believe that more and more global customers will be impressed by SenCen’s high quality and good service. SenCen will continue to move forward to develop our business, reduce our cost structure, launch new products and enter new categories.


2024 Global Pet Expo






























In 2024, Global Pet Expo took place March 20-22 in Orlando, Florida.
Generate official website upgrade completed
The upgrade of enterprise promotional videos has been completed
Establish and smoothly operate the office in Nanchang
The packaging design upgrade of the "Pairui" brand product has been completed
Completed the packaging design of new products such as "Shandun" and "Mianxin";
Homeland products are newly launched
The toothbrush production line is put into production
Generate water supply and drainage, high-voltage power lines, and upgrade the ground hardening in the headquarters factory area
The pet product "Shuo Chong" VI and packaging design have been upgraded and registered successfully;
The VI design upgrade of the "Heilaiki" brand has been completed
The "FreshFriend" brand has been successfully registered in the UK, Philippines, and India respectively
The cleaning and care brand "Huiche" was born and successfully registered
Generate updates and upgrades for office buildings, exhibition halls, and gyms.
The upgrade of the packaging design for the home product "Flash Shield" has been completed.
Invited to participate in the Nanchang Customs China Foreign Trade Export Leading Index Explanation Conference of the General Administration of Customs;
Once again, it has been recognized as a national level high-tech enterprise
Add 10000 level microbiological testing rooms and physical and chemical laboratories
The "PURRY" brand has been successfully registered in multiple countries
Add production license qualifications for "disinfectant" products
Obtained the production license for four pesticide dosage forms: bait, gel bait, mosquito repellent, and mosquito repellent towel.
Obtain the registration certificate of 0.05% dinotefuran bait product
Generate small and medium-sized enterprises recognized as technology-based enterprises in Jiangxi Province
Passed the audit of Wal Mart Inspection Factory in the United States
Generate and reorganize with the purification workshop and injection molding workshop of Baiyi Pet Products
Our independently developed pet oral care products have entered the markets of Japan, Thailand, India, and the Philippines.
The flexible packaging color printing workshop is put into production
Introduce liquid bait and kill agent projects into production
Passed on-site factory inspection by the US FDA
Fully pass the fire safety acceptance requirements and obtain a fire safety certificate
The "Pairui" brand won the "2015-2016 Pet Industry User's Favorite Brand" award.
Completed the construction of the Baiyi office building, comprehensive building, and production plant with a building area of 20000 square meters
Introduce a pet urine pad production line and put it into production
Build a 1800 square meter 10 level purification workshop for Baiyi
Baiyi website construction: www.baiyipet.com.
Re regulate the trademark of "Mianxin" for baby and child products and change it to "M-infant Mianxin" trademark
Re regulate the design of pet product "Pairui" VI and packaging revisions
Becoming an RPG supplier in the United States
Jiangxi Baiyi Pet Products Co., Ltd., a joint-stock company, was established. In the same year, it purchased 50 acres of land and began building factories.
Build a new 16800 square meter production plant and a 2800 square meter 100000 level purification workshop
Recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Department of Finance, and Taxation Bureau
Dobifu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been renamed as "Shanghai Pairui Pet Products Co., Ltd."
The "Cotton New" brand of baby products was born.
The registration of temporary insecticides of DEET has been completed
Introduce fully automatic wet towel production equipment from Europe
The registration of the export pesticides of indefencarb ant bait and cockroach bait has been completed
Two utility model patents of syringe and spray pen were successfully applied
Mr. Mu Jiashan, a famous painter, was born as a guest and improvised the painting "Wuning Xiu in the West Sea of Lushan".
Obtained pesticide production license from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China
Start the plant nutrient solution project
Becoming a PETCO supplier in the United States
Technical support for the polymer material structure project of Nanjing University of Chemical Technology
Mu Jiashan, the dean of the Asia Pacific Academy of Arts in the United States, has created calligraphy that "adapts to the situation and achieves excellence through virtue".
The company website has been changed to www.cnsencen.com
8 national patent applications have been approved
The newly built 4600 square meter office building has been officially put into use
The trademarks "Generation and Development", "Pairui", "Dobifu", and "SC" have been successfully registered
Obtained the key cultivation and development of export famous brands in Jiangxi Province from 2010 to 2012 by the Department of Commerce of Jiangxi Province.
Passed ISO14000 environmental certification
The trademarks "Heilaiki" and "Shandun" have been registered in China and Hong Kong respectively
The production project of pen spray mosquito control products was successfully developed and started production
The generative laboratory has been rated as a key experimental center in Jiangxi Province.
Visited by Wu Guanzheng, a member of the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau
EU REACH registration of some chemicals
Obtain two temporary pesticide registration certificates for products approved by the Ministry of Agriculture
Participate in the Wenchuan earthquake disaster relief donations.
Expand cooperation with 8in1, introduce and produce projects such as bird protection agents
The 1000 square meter experimental center has been completed and officially put into operation
Build a generation technology branch and complete the construction of a 6500 square meter factory and a 1500 square meter 100000 level purification workshop
Jiangxi Generative Shanghai Branch was officially established, responsible for the company's marketing and sales business
Listed as one of the "Top 100 Enterprises in Jiujiang City" by the Jiujiang Municipal Government.
Developed and successfully produced the ant and cockroach bait and killing agent project
The "SC" trademark has been successfully registered in Hong Kong
Obtained technical guidance for the ink material project at Shanxi University.
Construction of the UIC bottled mosquito repellent wipes production project, setting an annual sales record of 4.5 million bottles
Reached cooperation intention with 8in1 Company in the United States to introduce pet cleaning and care product production projects
Introduce injection molding and vacuum molding technology and equipment to complete the construction of this project.
Introduce and produce single piece mosquito repellent wipes, becoming a supplier of Spectrum Brands
Build a 2700 square meter production workshop
Medical disinfection wipes enter the Australian market.
The trademark "generated" has been awarded a famous trademark in Jiangxi Province
The "Lezhizhi" trademark has been successfully registered.
Vice Governor Hu Zhenpeng visited and generated
Liu Hongbiao, a famous calligrapher, proposed "generation and development" in his calligraphy.
Collaborating with IMA in the United States to supply packaging products for the combination of UP and BNSF railway lines< br> The development and production of anhydrous hand sanitizer and single piece small wipes have achieved success< br> Obtaining the qualification for national import and export rights< br> The "SC" trademark has been successfully registered< br> Anhydrous hand sanitizer has passed FDA certification in the United States< br> Obtained AAA Enterprise from Jiangxi Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce< br> Purchase 17000 square meters of land and complete the construction of a 1500 square meter warehouse;
Introduce a baby wipes production project and enter small-scale production
Passed ISO9000 certification
Obtained a health permit from the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Health
Obtained technical support from China Pharmaceutical University
Establish a generated website at www.cnshengcheng.com.
Complete the construction of a 3000 square meter office building and production workshop
Successfully applied for national patents for two products: baby paper bibs and toilet paper cushions
The company was renamed as "Jiangxi Gengsheng Sanitary Products Co., Ltd."
The registration of the "generated" trademark has been completed.
Purchase 4000 square meters of land in Nanshi and officially start construction of the factory on August 3rd of that year
The company established a board of directors and named it "Wuning Yongtai Sanitary Products Co., Ltd.".
Two products have been trial sold in cities such as Shenzhen and Beijing, and are sold to Italy and Spain.
Design and manufacture automated machine production lines for these two products, and begin trial production.
The founder envisioned establishing a production line to produce baby paper bibs and toilet paper cushions, and began product design, market research, and prospect analysis.



Corporate culture

Mission, vision, core values, etc. are the sum total of the core of corporate culture. It clarifies our goals, regulates and guides our behavior, maximizes the stimulation of employees' intelligence, and co creates an evergreen foundation.


Mission and Vision

Continuously innovate products, create a century old brand, and enable employees, enterprises, and customers to grow together.
Maintain profitable growth, meet social needs, and benefit employees, businesses, and the country together.


Core values

Encourage every employee to possess entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, and always seize opportunities.
Partners always utilize the community, and only through sustained win-win can they continue to operate.


Quality Commitment

Always remember that providing effective services to consumers is an important reason for generating existence. Collaborative commerce, collaborative competition, everything centered around consumers.



Only sincere, efficient, and fast cooperation can last for a long time.

A comprehensive innovative research and development system

The Generation Technology R&D Center was established in 2009, with new technologies and processes as its core tasks. It specializes in the research and development of pesticides, chemical technology, and inspection and testing technology. It has multiple international advanced technologies in the fields of pet cleaning and care, pet oral care, home furnishings, and pest control products.

Creative R&D team

The R&D center has an excellent team with strong technology, professionalism, willingness to endure hardships, and unity. It currently has several R&D talents graduated from major universities across the country, and has established long-term technical cooperation relationships with domestic universities, ensuring the company's leading R&D strength in new technologies and products.

Actively carry out research and development work

Standing at the starting line of global competition, the R&D center actively carries out research and development work, has obtained multiple national invention patents, and continuously pays attention to the latest developments in domestic and foreign markets. In the wave of market economy, facing new opportunities and challenges, we are not afraid of difficulties, work hard, and develop products that are more loved by consumers.