2024 Interzoo, Nuremberg Pet Show, Germany

Interzoo was held in Nuremberg Exhibition Center fromally from May 7th to 10th, 2024. Organized by WZF GmbH –Pet Industry Services every 2 years, Interzoo is the most leading professional trade show for the pet industry in the world.


New Chance in Canton Fair

The 135th Canton Fair was successfully held from April 23rd to 27th,2024. In spite of the continuous heavy rain, global purchasers still vigorously attended the Fair with enthusiasm.


2024 Global Pet Expo

In 2024, Global Pet Expo took place March 20-22 in Orlando, Florida.


The 25th Pet Fair Asia Regains—New Start, New Situation

The 25th Pet Fair Asia Regains—New Start, New Situation


Grateful for 28 years of companion

Grateful for 28 years of companion-- the 28th anniversary celebration


SenCen’s Business Visit to 12nd Interpets Asia Pacific

SenCen is always on the way forward. Orlando Global Pet Expo was our first station and the second came soon, the 12nd Interpets Asia Pacific, held in Tokyo by Japan Pet Food Association and Messe Frankfurt Japan from March 31st to April 3rd , aiming to promote global pet products, services and creativity to the Japanese market and improve the living quality of pets. Interpets is considered an effective way for overseas manufacturers to enter Japan, the global second largest pet market. 2023 Tokyo Interpets welcomed more than 600 exhibitors and over 60,000 visitors.


2023 Orlando Global Pet Expo- SenCen is expanding overseas market

After 3 years struggling with the pandemic, SenCen is stepping out of China in March to attend Global Pet Expo in Orlando, US, with period of which from March 22nd to 24th. Total Area of the Expo is around 220,000 square meters, with total 1200 exhibitors, which are from USA, China, India, Australia, Mexico, France, Canada, Singapore, Japan,Brazil etc. Audience tally reaches around 160,000.


China Pet Expo! Purry perfect ending! Constant Innovation! Our journey continues.

From February 23rd to 26th, 2023, the 10th China pet expo was hold in Beijing.


Sow in Spring, Reap in Autumn--to celebrate the 27th anniversary of SenCen Group

The 27th anniversary ceremony of SenCen Group is unveiled in the basketball court where running players are seen agility and enthusiasm bathing in the rising morning sun.Later a variety of sports are also in full swing.As a sharp whistle bursts out and breaks the calm on the tug-of-war field,well-prepared contestants are making concerted efforts to pull hard and form the strongest forces that eventually win the competition in which is echoed with continuous shouting,cheering and laughing,full of joyous voices.It is such unity,tenacity and endeavors that offer SenCen Group the confidence and power to bravely get through all bumps and difficulties and seize every possible opportunity to grow stronger along these years.


Dance With Excellence, Burst Out Passion To celebrate SenCen Group 2022 New Year’s Party

As fire crackers burst intermittently,fireworks crackle in the sky all mingled with laughter,we usher in a new yaar,the Year of the Tiger.We have worked firmly and fully throughout the year of the ox and have succeeded in maintaining the high-quality development of the enterprise after we have overcome various risks and challenges.With the smooth progress of the company’s internal reform,a growing number of employees are much proud of being SenCeners.


Stay true to the mission, Be grateful to having you The 23rd Anniversary Celebration of SenCen

In the past 23 years,under the changeable situation,SenCen still has stayed true to the mission.The entire SenCen is pervaded by an inspiring atmosphere in August,as it is entering its 23rd year of establishment.On August 3rd,2018,SenCen organized all the staff to attend a very meaningful activities for celebrating its 23rd anniversary in Changsha and Shaoshan,Hunan.


Teacher Zhang Daijin "Call on Positive Energy Among the Staff"

In order to help employees to better understand"on the job,on duty,in the state",in March 15,2018,the creation of a special invitation to the Chinese enterprise"passion work culture"founder Zhang Daijin to the generation of employees'home for all staff training for 1 days,the topic of the course is"Call on Positive Energy Among the Staff".


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