The company has established a microbiological laboratory and a physical and chemical laboratory, with multiple master's students in biology, agriculture and forestry leading the research and development of products and laboratory work. It also collaborates with leading certification and appraisal institutions worldwide to ensure the cutting-edge and technological content of products, and promote and ensure the sustainable development of the company.

Position: Domestic salesperson
Number of people: 5
Education and major requirements: College degree or above, with no restrictions on majors
Capability requirements:
1. Passionate about sales work, with experience in selling fast moving consumer goods is a priority.
2. Has a resilient and hardworking spirit, takes work seriously and responsibly, has good language expression skills, and has a strong teamwork spirit.


Position: Foreign Trade Salesperson
Number of people: 2
Education and major requirements: College degree or above, major in international trade, English, or related fields
Capability requirements:
1. College English Test Band 4 or above, with good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;
2. Strong communication skills, willing to accept challenges, and has a good team spirit.


Position: R&D Technician
Number of people: 2
Education and professional requirements: Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry, biology, pesticide science and other related majors.
Capability requirements:
1. Familiar with various dosage forms of cosmetics and pesticides, proficient in experimental techniques, principles, and operations in relevant fields;
2. Willing to continuously learn, possessing independent work ability and teamwork spirit.


Position: Planar Designer
Number of people: 1 person
Education and major requirements: Bachelor's degree or above, major in art, design, or related fields
Capability requirements:
1. Proficient in typesetting, possessing strong aesthetic and creative design abilities;
2. Good at learning, strong sense of responsibility, with teamwork spirit and good communication skills, meticulous work, able to withstand work pressure.


Primarily founded in 1995, SenCen is a world class manufacturer of Pet Care,Personal Care and Home& Garden products, located in Jiangxi province of southern China. In 2010,"SC" brand of the company was rewarded Export Brand for Priority Cultivation and Development of Jiangxi Province in recognition of product excellence.Today, SenCen is a thriving company leading the way in product quality and innovation; successfully supplying millions of home & family care products around the world..


Salary and benefits

Monthly comprehensive salary: 5000-9000 yuan;
Enjoy annual salary adjustments and year-end bonuses;


Employee welfare

The company provides free working meals, free accommodation, and gym, Basketball court, library and other venues.


Other Benefits

Health check ups, opportunities to go abroad, year-end bonuses, paid annual leave, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, wedding and childbearing gifts, consolation funds, employee group activities, outbound training, domestic tourism, etc.


If there is a position you like here and are willing to strive for it; If you crave to maximize your potential; So, please join us and accept the challenge!