The 25th Pet Fair Asia Regains—New Start, New Situation

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The 25th Pet Fair Asia was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on August 16,2023. Invited by the host, Jiangxi SenCen Hygienic Products Co., Ltd, an excellent manufacturer in pet product industry, attended the Fair and gained a good harvest with the ideal of providing high-quality products for pets and pet owners.

After 3-year gap under Coronavirus Pandemic, offline exhibitions back. Carrying strong enthusiasm, purchasers, merchants and professional visitors starts to join domestic exhibitions again, which infuses confidence and impetus to the improvement of pet product industry. What deserves to be mentioned the most is that SenCen withstood sever test and continuously made self-innovation during the past 3 tough years. In the Fair, SenCen brought a brand-new image and diverse pet products to the market, attracting both new and old customers to learn and talk about our products.

 Nowadays, here comes a new era of pet keeping. People’s concepts and methods of pet keeping change. In the past, people regarded pets as companions of their lonely hearts. But now, people prefer to treat pets as their own “kids”. It is a remarkable emotional change which indicates that more and more people realize that likewise pets need owners’ attention and care just as what pets give to their owners. Therefore, in order to increase the interaction between pets and their owners, PURRY brought more convenient pet cleaning & care products, especially the “new comer”—Pet Poo Bag—which caught pet lovers’ eyes as soon as it showed up. Considering customers’ need in pet product appearance design and usage experience, we create it with the ideal of environment protection and convenience. The Poo Bag not only allows pet owner to hang out with their furry friends anytime, but also settles the embarrassing issue of pet waste. Trying the Poo Bag, most customers praised that PURRY is a brand with love. 

Through the 25th Pet Fair Asia, SenCen Group successfully showed its power and brand image in the field of pet cleaning products. All the time SenCen Group takes sustainable improvement of pet product industry as own responsibility, and devotes to searching for new direction of the improvement of pet product industry. In the future, we will spare no effort to provide better products and services to customers and pets with our continuous innovation.