Grateful for 28 years of companion

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Grateful for 28 years of companion

-- the 28th anniversary celebration

On 3 August, 2023, a grand celebration with the theme of “Through thick and thin, Thank you along the way” was held in SenCen headquarters to celebrate its 28th birthday. Over two decades, SenCen People stayed true to the mission and vision, worked hard to go through headwinds and storms. With years of concerted efforts, SenCen has gained a remarkable share in the market.  

In the past 28 years, SenCen always stuck to achieving benefits of employees, the company, customers and the nation, and shouldered its mission of “ Creating a happier and healthier family lifestyle” to launch a wide variety of hygiene products. Nowadays “PURRY” “Glint Shield” “Minfant” brand products have been sold to customers worldwide.

The 28th anniversary celebration was unveiled in the most anticipated sports events. Diverse activities as an important component of staff leisure life, have enriched employees’ cultural life, cultivated their courage, tenacity and teamwork spirit, and inspired SenCen People to go beyond their selves.

After the intense and exciting sports activities, the grand celebration dinner started at 6pm. Special guests--family members of management team and non-local staff were invited to with us celebrate the 28th birthday of SenCen group. Vice president Mr. Yu made a speech in which he led all staff to review SenCen’s entrepreneurial path and summarized its development journey in line with changes of times. Mr. Yu emphasized that the company’s achievements in the past 28 years are attributed to concerted efforts of all staff, as well as quiet dedication and support of their family. 28 years of vigorous development, SenCen is grateful to those ever worked for the company and those are still working in various job positions. Thank you for never giving up and accompanying through thick and thin!

All attendees enjoyed a variety of elaborate artistic programs performed by SenCen People and expressed our sincere wishes to the company for further success and glory in the new journey!