2023 Orlando Global Pet Expo- SenCen is expanding overseas market

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     After 3 years struggling with the pandemic, SenCen is stepping out of China in March to attend Global Pet Expo in Orlando, US, with period of which from March 22nd to 24th. Total Area of the Expo is around 220,000 square meters, with total 1200 exhibitors, which are from USA, China, India, Australia, Mexico, France, Canada, Singapore, Japan,Brazil etc. Audience tally reaches around 160,000.  

  As the first international trade show after the Covid Pandemic, SenCen has completed an all round upgrade on Purry international version products, with uniform packaging design and complete product series, attracting several professional visitors from North America, Latin America, Europe, etc. These customers praised highly on Purry products and showed great interest to cooperate with us on both Purry Brand and private labels. Besides, we also visited several pet chain stores such as PETCO, PETSMART, PETSUPERMARKET to know about the US pet market, which provided abundant info for market plan and new product development.

Orlando trip was fruitful and we believe that the year of 2023 will be a new start for us. Lets set out again in 2023 hands in hands!