Sow in Spring, Reap in Autumn--to celebrate the 27th anniversary of SenCen Group

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The 27th anniversary ceremony of SenCen Group is unveiled in the basketball court where running players are seen agility and enthusiasm bathing in the rising morning sun.Later a variety of sports are also in full swing.As a sharp whistle bursts out and breaks the calm on the tug-of-war field,well-prepared contestants are making concerted efforts to pull hard and form the strongest forces that eventually win the competition in which is echoed with continuous shouting,cheering and laughing,full of joyous voices.It is such unity,tenacity and endeavors that offer SenCen Group the confidence and power to bravely get through all bumps and difficulties and seize every possible opportunity to grow stronger along these years.


“Back-to-back Balloon Relay”sport witnesses an implicit understanding between SenCen partners holding the flags of“SenCen”and“Baiyi”in both raising hands and stepping forward at a fast-steady pace,which also represents the Group’s firm determination to march forward courageously.All SenCeners always actively cooperate with one another and work together to successfully promote and sell products at home and abroad,with our brands widely accepted and enjoyed internationally.
“Team Running Around at Poles”sport indicates that SenCeners will never leave behind any one of their partners,instead they will help vulnerable individuals and rush toward the victory line together to embrace a victory of their own.


After an afternoon rest from the fierce and passionate sports events,all staff have refreshed and relaxed in good mood to expect the 27th anniversary evening party of SenCen Group.We raise our glasses to celebrate the company’s 27th birthday along with a variety of wonderful programs,such like melodious songs,beautiful dances and delightful plays.The song“Thanks All Those Who Love Me”touches the deep softness of hearts and recalls the sweet memory of many audiences.A grateful mind helps us find more beauty in our lives.The hand shadow dance“Development of SenCen”is a brief review of an arduous development course of the Group.A seed sowed 27 years ago has grown up a tall and upright tree,stronger enough to withstand wind and rains and it is now capable of caring for tens of thousands of families around the world.A silent sitcom play“You have,I have”shows contempt between different cultures and lifestyles and leads us to reflect the significance of respecting diverse culture and difference,to embrace a wider world and promote our brands to be better known in a global market.
The exciting awards ceremony pushes the party to another climax.“As you sow,so shall you reap”,the saying is true to the morning sports events as well.Smiles on the winners’faces tell us all sweat are deserved.Endeavors will not be in vain,efforts will be rewarded and persistence will bring a victory.


Thanks to 27 years efforts and sweat,the company is developing in a steady and healthy way.In next years,SenCeners will keep working hard with their wisdom,confidence,strength and vitality and stay true to the vision and missions to expect another harvest year.