Dance With Excellence, Burst Out Passion To celebrate SenCen Group 2022 New Year’s Party

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As fire crackers burst intermittently,fireworks crackle in the sky all mingled with laughter,we usher in a new yaar,the Year of the Tiger.We have worked firmly and fully throughout the year of the ox and have succeeded in maintaining the high-quality development of the enterprise after we have overcome various risks and challenges.With the smooth progress of the company’s internal reform,a growing number of employees are much proud of being SenCeners.
On the evening of January 25th,2022,a new year’s party with a theme of“dance with excellence,burst out passion”was grandly held at the group’s headquarter to celebrate the arrival of the new year.


The party was kicked off in the music of Song of Motherland which is the eternal melody of SenCen.In addition,Lucky Draw,a newly-added activity was specially arranged to reward for all employees’hard work and efforts.The awards were named with the group’s own brands,like“Purry”,“BaiYi”,“Fresh Friends”,”GLINT SHIELD”.Established in 1995,the group has been committed to the R&D and manufacturing of household pest control,pet cleaning care and personal care products.Furthermore,SenCen has laid stress on innovative development,customer and social benefits and meantime it has stayed committed to its vision and mission.All the name brands invited welcome blessings of better in the hope of everything going well with SenCeners in a new year.
Singing and dancing at the party,a variety of programs show their deep love and great blessings to the group.”Farewell My Concubine”performed by all members of SenCen workshop 8 lighted everyone’s passion and won tumultuous applause and cheers.“Lucky in love”was produced,directed and performed by domestic market elites who proved to be skillful in all fields.


The next program“Lucky Draw”pushed the party to a new high.“Purry Award------side-by-side refrigerator”,the best of the best,“Fresh Friends Award-----65 inch TV set”,happy smile award,“BaiYi Award---silk summer quilt”,excellence award,“SHIELD Award----big sterilizer”,guardian award,“SenCen Award----Tmall smart”,sunshine award.These awards were displayed at the party early and were revealed one after one in the exciting cheers after drawing guests were chosen randomly on the scene to show the fairness and impartiality.
The party ended up with cheering and laughing in an enthusiastic,warm and joyous atmosphere.In 2022,we would stay true to the mission,be committed to the vision and work hard together to create a more brilliant future.