Stay true to the mission, Be grateful to having you The 23rd Anniversary Celebration of SenCen

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In the past 23 years,under the changeable situation,SenCen still has stayed true to the mission.The entire SenCen is pervaded by an inspiring atmosphere in August,as it is entering its 23rd year of establishment.On August 3rd,2018,SenCen organized all the staff to attend a very meaningful activities for celebrating its 23rd anniversary in Changsha and Shaoshan,Hunan.


On the early morning of August 3rd,everyone met at the gate of SenCen to set out together at 6:00a.m.Singing and laughing all the way,we arrived at Changsha,Hunan after 6 hours'drive.We climbed Yuelu Mountain and visited Orange Isle with great admiration in the afternoon,following in the footsteps of Chairman Mao,learning the history and today of this landscape,looking at the statue of young Mao Zedong,reading his immortal poem“Qinyuanchun.Changsha”once again.Everyone felt this great man’s feelings and we have to inherit the revolutionary spirit.


SenCen was holding the 23rd anniversary celebration dinner with theme of“thank you”at the hotel of Changsha city in the evening of August 3rd.A famous hostess in Changsha and our vice president Mr.Wu hosted the birthday party which began with an inspiring Drums dance and the magnificent“song of Motherland”chorus,nearly 200 employees attended the event to witness this very important moment of SenCen.Then that was followed by Dances,sketches,musical instrument performances,magic interaction and songs,everybody enjoyed the party which was filled with great passion,excitement and rapturous applause.The sign language dance“the heart of thanksgiving”as the last but one show brought the party to a climax again,the audience couldn’t help but be deeply moved,and some of them had tears in their eyes.Time past quickly,a 2.5 hours birthday party full of passion and joy ended perfectly with the song“never forget tonight”.


On the morning of August 4th,we came to Shaoshan after 1.5 hours'drive and then visited MAO zedong's bronze statue square,MAO zedong's former residence and MAO's family history exhibition hall.In the front of the bronze statue of Chairman Mao,we held a flower ceremony and bowed three times to show our respect,the party members from SenCen revisited the oath to join the party.All of us stood on the steps in front of the statue to take a photo,the record of this moment becomes our eternal memory.
The red tour not only relaxes us,but also gives us a meaningful class on patriotism education learning that the revolutionary forefathers under what circumstances achieved national liberation and rejuvenation through arduous struggle,which motivated us to cherish our current positions,always kept a sense of worry and urgency in mind,and created conditions for our personal development and contributed to SenCen development through an ongoing effort.


Twenty-three years of wind and storms,thank you for walking hand in hand;Twenty-three years of journey,thank you for creating the brilliance together.Twenty-three years of strenuous efforts,twenty-three years of accumulation,SenCen stands on a new beginning,being about to climb to new heights.