Teacher Zhang Daijin "Call on Positive Energy Among the Staff"

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In order to help employees to better understand"on the job,on duty,in the state",in March 15,2018,the creation of a special invitation to the Chinese enterprise"passion work culture"founder Zhang Daijin to the generation of employees'home for all staff training for 1 days,the topic of the course is"Call on Positive Energy Among the Staff".


This training has been highly valued by the company leaders,and the departments and staff members of the company have also given strong support and cooperation.Nearly 200 people in the company participated in the training.In the process,we listen attentively and take notes carefully.


Professor Zhang has rich experience in teaching,humorous language,detailed cases,lively atmosphere and lively atmosphere.In the course,Mr.Zhang talked about the importance of time management and emotional management,emphasized that employees should be able to transfer positive energy,have initiative,transposition and team hearts,and to inject"responsible genes","loyal genes"and"gratitude genes"to stimulate the staff's positive energy,so that students have grasped the essence of the training.


Training is the best gift for employees.Companies provide a platform for their employees to learn and develop,encouraging and supporting their career growth.Hope that all the staff through this study,whether in life,or in the work,can be better and better,constantly realize their own value,actively enterprising,follow the pace of the development of the company,concerted,build a dream,continuous improvement!