The 22th factory anniversary activities of Sencen completed successfully

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Years as songs,wind and frost as drawings.On August 3,2017,Sencen company ushered in it’s 22th anniversary on the occasion of celebrating the 90 years of army building.Our company continues to thrive among the 22 years,the extraordinary progress can’t be achieved without Senceners’hard-working and the baptism of wind and rain.To celebrate the meaningful days,we hosted sport activities and banquet,the company leader and staff joined actively to witness the wonderful moments.


The sports meeting began with the whistles of basketball match,Sencen team against Baiyi team.By virtue of slick passing,gorgeous turning-around and perfect match,the audience applauded theirs good performance.At last,Sencen team won the championship and Baiyi team won the second place.


After the basketball match is the most popular sports:the tug of war.Through out the whole competition,all competitors put their all effort into the competition and the burst of cheers and cries echoed in the sky.And then 4x100 relay brought the sports meetings into another climax.The competitors on the track and the cheering squad were high in spirits.The cheering made the competitors more competitive.The last sports is the fishing contest,the competitors waited patiently,through the rat race of technique and patience,within 15 minutes we had decided the first three places according to theirs achievements.


At the banquet,our talented staff showed us a variety of cultural performances,every department had prepared a program.With delicious food and good wine,we sang and danced,our 22th anniversary activities was ended with laughter.Sencen will have a brighter future!