Sencen Perform Fire Protection Drill Under the Guidance of Fire Brigade

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On July 13,Sencen invited Wuning fire brigade to conduct fire safety education in order to enhance staff awareness of fire safety,develop their emergency response capabilities like fire,and strengthen their coordination and cooperation in dealing with emergency.


Xiong who is the staff of fire brigade launched a lecture for 30 volunteer firemen at 306 meeting room in the afternoon,he introduced the fire escape and self-help approach,the use of fire-fighting devices,the way of self-checking of fire protection.


More than 20 staff of fire brigade and more than100 employee of Sencen joined the fire drill in the workshop afterwards,Sencen employee actively participated in exercising using extinguishers.With the alarm in the stimulated fire on the third floor went off,employee were evacuated to safe ground orderly,firemen connected several fire hoses form fire engine to the third floor where the fire was,fighting the fire and saved stimulated trapped person in time.


This fire drill impels our staff vigilant in peace time,acknowledge fire safety information,learn fire fighting method in the forepart of fire,strengthen the capability of escape and self-rescue,to protect our lives and property from the loss of the fire.