the Project of Class 100000 Clean Room of Baiyi Has Been Successfully Test and Acceptance

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On June 30,Jiangxi Baiyi Pet Products Co.,Ltd which is the branch company of Jiangxi Sencen Hygienic Products Co.,Ltd has completed the construction of 100000 grade of clean room and proceed to test and acceptance.
The inspectors took samples from 14 work space in the purifying area,conducted experiments such as detection of suspended particle,sedimental viable particles,airborne viable particles,temperature,humidity,illuminance,noise,pressure differential,and the times of air change of air conditioning system.It is judged by the standard of《GB50457-2008 the specification of design pharmaceutical and industry clean workshop》.
At the same time,the inspectors took samples at several water intake in the purity water recycling system,conducted disparate experiments including detection of character of purity water,pH value,the content of nitrate,nitrite content,ammonia content,conductivity,readily oxidizable substance content,nonvolatile matter content,heavy metal content,microorganisms content.Above mentioned test is judged according to《2015 Chinese Pharmacopoeia》.
After testing,the quality of the purify area in the workshop and the purity water system are both up to standard.The class 100000 clean room in Baiyi has been test and acceptance successfully.