The research and development center of Sencen pushes out new products for pet care

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Innovation is the cornerstone for the business growth of Sencen company and the mission for every staff in Sencen.This kind of innovation not only includes the innovation for well-known brand,but also for the break through in research and development field.
PURRY brand is know for it’s“innovation”and“professional”in pet care field with many technical monopoly.In order to improve the life quality of pets and pets lover,the research and development center of Sencen pushes out a new product--
Disinfectant&Odor Remover.Our remover adopts the efficient Nano Silver
sterilization technology and particular ion neutralization deodorization technology.By SGS testing certificate,it shows that our Disinfectant&Odor Remover can kill 99.9%and more objectionable microorganism around the environment,at the same time,it can neutralize odors of pet and the environment,which is a good helper for the health of pets and fresh air.
In the second half of 2017,our research and development center will introduce functional pet shampoo successively.---oatmeal nourish shampoo,tea oil antibacterial shampoo,glossy fur shampoo,insect repellent,flea-free shampoo and puppy mild shampoo and so on.We will also launch mouth care products like toothpaste with different flavor and teeth cleaning gels.At the same time,the research and development center of Sencen will develop aquatic products continuously to provide comprehensive high quality service for pet lovers and their pet.