A Lovely tour in Lushan West lake Of Sencen Company

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In order to enrich employee’s leisure time,uplift their spirit and release their work stress.On May 6th,with everyone’s longing,one day’s tour in Lushan West Lake approaching,which gives us a chance to relax ourselves and enjoy the beauty of nature after work.


 At 7am,more than 200 staffs of Sencen company take 4 buses heading to Lushan West Lake,which rated as AAAA tourist attraction.


With the leading of 4 professional tour guides,employees board the cruise and land on the islands.Rainbow island,goddess island,crocodile island,gold monkey island,dragon island,grandma island and west lake fishing village,each one has their specialty and there lives a variety of animals,such as peacocks,crocodiles,pythons,macaques and birds and so on.The islands are connected by floating bridges and the view is charming.It not only brings us visual enjoyment,but also a feast of culture for it shows us the farming culture,river culture,intangible culture and ecological culture of Lushan west lake area.


After this valuable spiritual holiday,all staff feel dynamic and relaxed.During the tour,we help and take care of each other,it provides us a way to communicate with each other,brings us closer and have crated an atmosphere of united and harmonious among the team.We share our experiences and feelings after the tour.Then we devote ourselves into our work with full enthusiasm and energy,in this way,we can make more contributions to our company for further progress.