Jiangxi Sencen Annual Party Celebrated Successfully on Jan 20, 2017

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Time flies!A prosperous 2016 passed in a blink of an eye.The 2017,pregnant with our new targets and hope,is marching brisk pace to us.
On the evening of the 23rd of the twelfth lunar month,Sencen Annual Party 2017 was celebrated at the staff house with staffs and managers from Sencen parent company and branch companies all being together.
The New Year congratulatory message was given by Ms Chu,then dizzying performances,including singing,dance,interactive essays,children catwalk,little men dance,were given by all departments.A small game interspersed brought climax one after another.Chorus On the Way of Senceners from Domestic Marketing Department hit the highest climax.From 1995 to 2017,we have been on the way for 20 years.This was a way that full of sweat and passion and a way suffused of challenges and hopes in the future.
All staffs and managers and attended family members interacted so warmly that singing,applause,cheers were rippling in the venue.In this enjoyable event,we were full of longings and passions,devoted the wisdom and talent.In the face of the future,we will be at full capacity,together to generate a better prosperous 2017 for Sencen!