R & D center of SenCen—Upgrade of Microbiological Lab has Finished

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After one month’s trial-operation,the upgrade project of our company’s microbiological lab has been tested qualified and officially put into use.
With the increasing strictness of law&regulations and clients’increasing demand of products,we have been paying great attention to and interpreting the law&regulations of personal and pet care industry around the world,keeping optimizing our hardware and software configuration and building a clearer and more precise test system with our clients since we built the microbiological lab in 2008.
The upgraded microbiological lab possesses completed CGMP system and standard of Chinese,US,European,British,Japanese Pharmacopoeia and IS011737 that can provide test programs like,sterility test,microbial teat,microorganism identification,water system verification and environment control,etc.for products of the three categories in our company.
The new lab system can provide better products inspection guarantee that meets china’s test and verification standard and gears to international standards.