Great Achievements on Scientific Research -----by Sencen Research & Development Center

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Scientific innovation is the foot-stone for the enterprise’s sustainable development.Sencen lays great emphasis on new products development and the training of scientific research talents since the foundation of more than 20 years ago.Till now,the R&D team has 25 professional research and development personnel,among them 5 people with Master degree(one of them ever studied in US),one with the title of Senior engineer,their specialized areas extending from medical science,pharmacy,chemistry,business administration to computer science,which is an excellent research&development group with keen sensibility to science&technology frontier,higher education background,rich working experience and greater capability on scientific research breakthroughs.
In 2016,Sencen makes specialized integration to our lab system,optimizing in lab construction,technology equipment,research and testing personnel allocation and training,reaching a dramatic span with the cost of 2 million Yuan.Till now,the available testing analysis equipments include:High Performance Liquid Chromatography,Gas Chromatography,Spectrometer,UV Analyser,Digital Tension Test Machine,Temperciance Testing Machine,Continual Adhesion Testing Machine,Hot Blast Machine,Microcomputer Tear Tester,Centrifugal Machine,Digital Display High Speed Dispersion Homogenizer,Rotational Viscometer,PH meter,Submersible Stirrer,Magnetic Stirrer,etc.All these precise instruments are allocated based on advanced international standards.Our non-bacteria micro-biological lab is constructed according to highest level of national pharmacy,which also meets the requirements of US Food&Drug Administration.
Relying on advanced equipment,supported by professional talents,motivated by science and technology,oriented by market,Sencen introduces advanced production equipment and technology from overseas and develops various brands of products,including personal care products such as:Anti static Hair Dry Towel,Make-up Removal Wipes,Baby Wipes,Instant Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning Wipes;on the home&Garden category:Mosquito repellent Spray,Mosquito repellent Wipes,Rat glue trap and liquid Roach&Ant Baits;Pet grooming products:Puppy Water Additive,Pet Floss ball set,Sunscreen Wipes,Insect Repellent Wipes,Pet Training Pads,Odor-control Pads,Paw Cleaning Foam,Pet Stain&Odor Remover and Bath Wipes,etc.
With persistent innovation,Sencen will always bear“Technology,Innovation,Low-Carbon and Environment-friendly”in mind and will provide high quality and excellent service to worldwide consumers.