Successful Development of New Environmental-friendly Rat Glue Traps by the Technology and Test Center of SenCen

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Motivated by the philosophy of Technology,Innovation,Low-Carbon and Environmental protection,Jiangxi SenCen Hygienic Products Co.,Ltd keeps providing excellent products and service for clients and customers around the world.After one year’s hardship and diligent work,SenCen’s Research and Development Department finally developed a new environmental-friendly Rat Glue Trap.And we are preparing to promote and apply this to the market.
Compared to other similar products in the market,SenCen’s self-developed Rat Glue Traps have a high value of promotion.After research,the experimenters discovered that this Rat Glue Traps have features like safe,non-toxic,super sticky,odor free,no glue spilt,anti-aging and environmental harmless after disposal.Their characteristics such as light PP plastic bottom plate,easy to use,adequate glue,long-lasting viscose force make them suitable to use at home,in food factory,restaurant(places where it’s not proper to kill mice with drugs).
This Rat Glue Traps are designed according to Rat’s living habit and don’t contain any essence attractant which means that they will definitely not pollute the air around them.The self-made adhesive which is characterized of strong viscosity,low temperature resistance,enduring viscosity was used in this Rat Glue Trap.So even the mice would struggle after they got caught on this,the glue will not spill on the floor and lead to pollution.Meanwhile,this Rat Glue Trap is very easy to clean.If some of the glue stuck on clothes or skin by accident,just wipe with some vegetable oil or gasoline.All these features made this Rat Glue Traps very practical in our daily life.
SenCen puts great effort in building a strong R&D team,moves forward with the times and always keeps creative.SenCen also spares no effort on ensuring quality of products and builds a solid foundation for a long-lasting brand.SenCen pays a lot attention to social responsibility as well.By the virtue of advanced production machine and strict,scientific management,SenCen is working hard to make diverse products which can lead the tread for customers all around the world.