Jiangxi Baiyi Pet products Co.,ltd project completion

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Jiangxi Baiyi Pet Products Co., a specialized pet products company which is affiliated with Jiangxi Sencen Group,formally put into production in March 2016 once after construction completed.Jiangxi Baiyi is dedicating to developing wide ranges of pet products and customer services,with products categories including pet wipes,pet deodorizing spray,pet shampoo,pet toothbrush&toothpaste set,pet pad,pet bandage wrap,cat litter,etc.Based on SenCen’s 20 years manufacturing experience of pet products,the foundation of Jiangxi Baiyi Pet Products Co.,Ltd in the year of 2015 bears the mission and vision to be the pioneer of the world pet industry.With 20 years management experience of pet products and the creativity of the new company,we are blessed with boundless passion to provide much more convenient and healthier life for worldwide pet owners and pets.


Care for Employee Health,Casting to SenCen Power
Since early 1995,JiangXi SenCen Hygienic Products Co.,LTD.,has been advocating a healthy lifestyle,and pay attention to the construction of enterprise’s culture and the implementation of employee’s benefits.In order to both create a comfortable and healthy working environment for employees,and also help employees achieve a harmonious working and living state in body and mind,it is particular to build a multi-functional gymnasium in fifth floor of the administrative center building.
Fitness equipment and supporting facilities of the professional staff gym are well-equipped and perfect prepared.There are running machines,spinning,recommended trainers,Brooks city-base chair,table tennis,billiards equipment inside the gym and it will be opened anytime.During the lunch break,after work or weekend,staff in the company enjoy doing some sports to relax their body inside the gym.
The study found that those staff who are spending 30 to 60 minutes per day on sports,accordingly their average performance will be increased by 15%.What’s more,60%of workers said their time management ability,mental performance,etc.have been greatly improved,and the phenomenon of decreased energy highly improved mood blood have not appeared after the exercise.
Enterprise culture together grows up with staff's work enthusiasm,SenCen has formed its own life.It let employees stay healthy,increase the enthusiasm,become cheerful,this will improve the cultural awareness of the enterprise,also can enhance the sense of belonging and cohesion.Through spreading fitness culture to focus on employee’s health,attract the talents,improve the work efficiency.This has become a indispensable strength of SenCen to promote the development of corporate culture.