SenCen took part in the 14th Zoomark

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The 14th Zoomark was hold from May 7 to May 10 in 2015 in Bologna,Italy,our company took part in this exhibition as a professional pet cleaning manufacturer.
In this exhibition,the products were mainly pet wipes,and also some pet pads.Our pet wipes gained popularity for its various packaging type,thorough function,diversified non-woven material,our European customers for past ten years also gain attraction to the
purchasers.Products diversity provides customers with diversified choice space,products localization makes us closer to the customer,the affinity of jiangxi generated is also growing.We will never relax the pursuit of product quality,we chose to use the newest and the most advanced European equipment,and have strict control on raw materials
From this exhibition,we have a deeply understanding to the European market,especially the Italian market.When finding new customer,we also understand that making our products diverse and localize is very important in letting our brands go further.