SenCen participated the Gifts & Houseware Exhibition held in Hong Kong

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From April 27,2015 to April 30,2015,as one of professional manufacturers of wet wipes,SenCen participated the Gifts&Houseware Exhibition held in Hong Kong.
At 9 p.m.on April 27,the exhibition officially opened,we exhibited many functional wipes,including pet wipes mosquito repellent wipes,aquarium cleaning wipes,cleansing wipes,car wipes,etc.The clients have showed great interest in our products,one of the most popular is small package wet wipes,both product appearance and quality of the products obtained the customer consistent affirmation and praise.Our company imported a set of automatic wet wipes production equipment combined with folding,cutting,filling,punching,rubberizing,packaging from Europe,which makes our company products look smooth and beautiful with reliable quality and pollution-free.
SenCen shows good corporate image in this exhibition and gets a further promotion.In recent year,our company has obtained the further development in the field of wet wipes,and our brands have obtained a lot popularity.At the same time,we will also accelerate the process of branding,to create more products to meet customer needs.