The 116th Canton Fair - the new products of PURRY brand

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The 116th Canton Fair(Phase 2)was held in Guangzhou on Oct 23th,2014.SenCen shows it’s new products of PURRY brand in the Fair this time,beginning a five-day exhibition.Following the launch of new baby wipes of Minfant brand in the 115th Canton Fair,we constantly strive to launch more new products.As for our pet health care brand-PURRY,we launch Puppy Pads,Pet Odor Remove Spray,Pet dry shampoo and so on.
Affected by the recent impact of the African“Ebola”epidemic,the buyer from Africa reduced a lot compare to the Phrase 1,but it doesn’t affect other exhibitors’passion,the buyers also come as usual.
Our exhibits are divided into three parts,they are baby wipes,pet health care products and insect control products.The display of upgraded Minfant baby wipes and PURRY new products help us to attract a lot of customers.The continuous launch of the new products fully demonstrate our strong R&D capabilities,which make our customers thumbs up.While we have reduced the control insects products on display to 20%,there are still a lot of customers interested in this kind of products,including some old customers accumulated in previous years,we can meet them in the the Canton Fair every year.
This is our 20th time to attend the Canton Fair,and we will keep going.Some companies choose absent the Canton Fair,they have all their eyes on the professional exhibition,while we still adhere to,it is because we always believe that the order is not the sole purpose,Canton Fair is still the best platform to show the strength of enterprises.