The Deputy Director-General of the Commerce Department of Jiangxi Province, President of Jiangxi Trade Development Association, visited SenCen to give guidance

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On August 6 2014,Cuilan Liu,the Deputy Director-General of the Commerce Department of Jiangxi Province,Presidentof Jiangxi Trade Development Association,visited SenCen to give guidance accompanied by the leadership of the citybureau.Miss Liu answered many questions for our export business in recent years,showing deep concern to our development.
At 11:00 am,the Deputy Director-General and the leadership of the city bureau arrived at SenCen.With the guidance of chairman,they visited the product exhibition hall visit.In the process,chairman Yu told them the basic information of our company,the product innovation direction and future development planning,and gave a detailed introduction of Home&Garden Products,Pet Care products and Personal Care products.At the same time,the leaders answered the questions about the problems in export declaration as our products are very original.For the questions hadn’t been solved,they would have a further discussion and research.
When visiting our company's own brands,the Deputy Director-General Liu gave high affirmation and encouragement to our brands M-infant and PURRY and thought that entrepreneurs should have the consciousness and spirit to create independent brand,only aiming at the global market,can we make our enterprise stronger.And they will also give more attention and support for the construction and development of independent brands in the future.