SenCen's 19th anniversary, we gathered in Jinggangshan to learn its spirit

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  August 3,2014,all the staff celebrated SenCen 19th anniversary,we went to the revolutionary cradle-Jinggangshan,to cherish the momory of our revolutionary martyrs and learn the spirit of Jinggangshan.
  At 6:00 on 3rd,all the staff went to Jinggangshan by bus,at half past eleven we arrived in Jinggangshan.We listened to the guide about revolutionary history along the way and enjoyed colleagues singing red songs,time seemed to pass very quickly.
  In the afternoon,we went to view the Martyr cemetery,Sculpture garden,and visit the Museum of the Jinggangshan.When listening to the tour guide to tell the story of the red army in jinggangshan and seeing countless martyrs sacrificed their precious lives for revolutionary cause,we moved deeply.Look at the martyrs cemetery,the portraits of many martyrs whose ages are between 18 to 25,under the martyr's monument,there are even countless martyrs who are not able to leave their names and photos,we really respect for the revolutionary martyr immortal monument.
  On the next day,we also visited,one of the five the sentries,Huangyangjie sentry,Xiaojing red army hospital,Dajing Chairman Man’s and Zhude’s former residence.Listening to the tour guide's explanation,we were excited,looking at all the material conditions at that time,we deeply understood that our life is hard-won,it costed revolutionary martyrs’blood and the life.
  The trip to Jinggangshan let us have a better understanding the spirit of Jinggangshan:unwavering revolutionary faith,close contact with the masses of the people's ideological style,everything from the reality of ideological line,the style of hard struggle.In the future work,we will continue to carry forward the spirit of Jinggangshan.