Sencen attend 2014 Global Pet Expo

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March 12th to 17th,2014, Global Pet Expo was successfully held in Orlando of United States. Our company took part in this expo actively and show the whole a new designed Purry brand, which was attracted in lots of purchasers from all over the world.
The expo is sponsored annually by The American association of global pet producers, also named APPA. Now it has developed to one of the professional trade show with great influence in the world. Moreover, it is the biggest trade show of pet industry. The main product showed are pet products and pet foods, also with various of aquatic products and so on.
Our professional product -- Pet wipes, as one of the essential products for pet grooming and care, which was attracted consumers with keen interest. Besides, in order to meet the market of domestic and overseas, we are researching and developing kinds of function wipes constantly these years, such as glove wipes, finger wipes, dot wipes etc. These wipes were also obtained lots of requirements between our preview and new customers and with consistently satisfaction. Meanwhile, we are planing to expand our production line and rich the items of products to meet the market. Currently, the pet shampoo and pet peed pads are researching step by step, a new and whole pet image may show to global and domestic customers.
This is an industry feast, but also a harvest trip. After this expo, we reached cooperation with some new customers and arrange to develop new items with old customers to strengthen business. We will continue to research and innovate, and improve the quality of our products, speed up the process of build our Purry brand to adjust to the variety of requirements.